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    When you know the rules, it's easier to manage the risk

Turn regulatory compliance from a burden to an opportunity

It's all too easy to think of regulations as a burden. But the bigger risk to your business is ignorance. When your team knows exactly what it can and can't do, the risks subside and everyone has the confidence to flourish. Regulatory compliance is an opportunity to work smarter – to outwit your competitors with a corporate culture that's free from the fear of a regulatory breach or investigation.

    Training makes the difference

    Regulatory compliance is all about rules and regulations, what you must and mustn't do while operating in a regulated environment. Your team doesn't have a choice; they just have to know what is and isn't permitted within their sphere of operations. Their knowledge has to be up to date and you have to keep accurate records. 

    Only regular and reliable training can do this. Training embeds the culture of compliance that keeps everyone on their toes. That's why national and multinational businesses within the highly regulated financial and professional services choose us to develop training and digital learning in conjunction with their in-house legal and compliance teams. To keep costs down, we devise materials that are easily updated with the latest regulations.

      Training is itself evidence of compliance

      For banks, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, compliance training is obligatory and has to be demonstrated. So we work with your experts and risk teams to design training that includes assessments to test and record your teams' competence. It's all evidence of your commitment. 

      If you need stronger reassurance, we can undertake an external objective review. We'll check that your strategy is right and that you have the systems to monitor the efficacy of your compliance training.

      ‘...successfully designed and deployed our online Anti-Bribery and Corruption compliance training across our global offices’ – Marken

        Take a step towards stronger compliance

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