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Human Resources

    Getting the best from your people

Keeping on the right side of the law

As employment law changes constantly, you need an HR partner who can offer practical, day-to-day advice to help you manage your people and protect your business. For example, you may need to resolve a specific employment issue or want to know how to deal with people who aren't meeting expectations. 

When a business meets its statutory obligations it is more productive and better managed. Furthermore, it attracts and retains talent.

We can help you get the best from your team in a way that saves time and keeps you compliant.

'...high quality standard of support…truly reliable and wonderful team to work with who talk the talk and walk the walk' - DANTE SYSTEMS

    Automating your HR systems

    HR systems based on paper or spreadsheets are risky and inefficient. With our help, you can automate your systems, streamline your record-keeping with accurate management information at your fingertips.

    ‘...highly recommended, our HR system was implemented seamlessly. It’s user-friendly and allows to effectively manage and support our staff - hassle free.’ - TAILORED FLOORING

    'A system is only as good as the people that use it. Hewlett Rand provided effective training and coaching for me and my team to maximise the value from our investment in our new HR system…’s literally transformed the way I run my business, saving us all time so we’re more productive.’ - MODA HAIRDRESSING

      Managing change

      Organisations never stand still. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing or simple changes to everyday procedures are constant. Through employee engagement and other support, we can guide you through the process of change and transformation. We'll work with you to create a positive and productive working environment that brings out the very best in your people.

      '...vital partner in the development of our business over the last seven years, we have grown our turnover by 63%' – HOLLINGDALE POOLEY

        Make the move to a more trusted workplace

        For HR support that builds trust throughout your organisation, call +44 (0)330 004 0868 or email today.

        A checklist of our HR support activities

        Recruitment and selection 

        • Job evaluation
        • Job descriptions and person specifications
        • Preparation for interviews
        • Managing the recruitment process
        • Assessment and development centres

        Employee engagement

        • Communication
        • Change management
        • Recognition and rewards

        Performance management

        • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
        • Policies and procedures
        • Contracts of employment

        Human resource planning

        • Expansion and development
        • Downsizing/redundancy/mergers
        • TUPE – Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment
        • Regulations

        How can we help you?

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