Hewlett Rand | Insight 2

Weighing up your Leadership Skills

If you are leading an organisation, department or a team, how can you assess your leadership to identify development that will improve your performance and results?

A practical starting point is to ask your team, stakeholders, peers to gather informal development feedback.

You might like to ask questions like:

What am I doing well as a leader?
What do you like and dislike about how I lead, and why?
What do you consider are my unique leadership abilities?
What is the one skill you would like me to develop?

For qualitative and quantitative feedback, I'd recommend 360-degree feedback, because it more accurately pin-points skills development that will maximise your leadership impact.

With increasingly flatter and empowering organisational structures, many more roles require excellent leadership skills for managing direct and indirect reports.

So, if you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, we can help weigh up your leadership skills across your team or organisation.

What do you consider is your top leadership skill?
What leadership skill would you most like to improve?