Hewlett Rand | Insight 4

How do you score as a high-performance team?

We hear so much about high-performance teams, but how do you know if you are in one?

A quick way to check is by answering these five questions:

1) Is there a solid foundation of mutual trust in your team?

2) Is everyone in the team able to express themselves fully and openly?

3) Is everyone in your team committed to collective decisions?

4) Is everyone in your team held accountable for results?

5) Is everyone in your team focussed on the team's success and collective results?

If you have answered 'Yes' to all these questions, that is a positive indicator that you are working and scoring well as a team. Keep investing in developing your high performance team potential.

If you answered 'No' to any other these questions, there is room to develop your team capabilities towards a high performance to score more wins.

We are always happy to book a call to discuss how we can help your team develop high performance capabilities and results.