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Developing people for stronger international trade links

Trading across borders and cultures requires a different approach. We know this because we’ve been working with UK exporters and Chinese importers for several years. We understand the cultural dynamics and the business environments from a wide variety of sectors, especially finance, professional services, healthcare and technology.

'...five years of board-level development from strategic planning to business development has shaped our growth to increase trade flows between the West of England and China' – Bristol & West of England China Bureau

    UK-China trade links are our speciality

    If you’re a UK business expanding to China or a China-based business entering the UK, we can help. We support the business development of your team and your clients' or agents' product knowledge through training and digital learning. Our services to UK and Chinese firms include cross-cultural training and bespoke training. It could be training that's specific to your management team or digital learning for product or systems based training for your workforce or clients.

    '...successfully launched our new e-Learning platform with 500+ online courses' – Hong Kong Institute of Bankers


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      Develop your people around the world

      When we manage large-scale international training programmes, we call upon our team of trusted partners for support. They enable us to scale our training and digital learning resources. We procure, design and project manage your training on a regional or global scale. 

      Another unique service is our in-house seminar to help training professionals develop their own professional training consultancy skills.

      '...I was inspired by the seminar. It’s made me think more proactively and commercially as a training professional, making my work far more rewarding' – Training Consultancy Skills for Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources

        To find out how you could trade across borders with more confidence, call +44 (0)330 004 0868 or email enquiry@hrandtrainingsolutions.co.uk today.

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